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That’s it for me I finished gambling

pre 2 godina od Anonymized417
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pre 2 godina

£110 on Fin and the Swirly spin and virtually every spin was dead so no point me coming on here again as of this moment I will never gamble another again 😡😡😡🤢🤢🤢

pre 2 godina

I'm sorry to hear that 😕, but you can still come from time to time and share your valuable experience with other. There's no need to play.

pre 2 godina

Wow, man, I really feel for you. But don't you know your chances of winning? Sometimes 100 times in a row, the spins may not bring anything. This is an accident. I'm not going to force you to play in the casino again, but it's not your fault for this! Try to play on for a while because here you can play with a very small deposit, which gives you much more experience for less money. Even if you are not lucky again, you will gain valuable experience and make the final decision. Sometimes it's worth playing a little more and getting the jackpot after all the failures.

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