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Casino klijentski dobavljač softvera

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Pozdrav, tražim dobavljača kazina gdje mogu sama dizajnirati stranicu.


Ako neko ima ideju odakle pružatelj usluga isporučuje igre, ja ne mogu niti se registrirati niti pronaći adresu.

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pre 4 godina

Hi, this website comes to my mind. They offer various solutions, but I don't have any personal experience with them.

pre 5 meseci

Gambling Factory - a brand new casino software company on the market.

With the Free Demo feature, your site is ready in 30 minutes, even with SSL ready, and which you can customize according to your wishes.

Moreover, in the White Label solution, the licensing process is ready in a maximum of 15 days.

So, if you sign now, your site will be live in 15 days!

and they have special discounted prices for December.

pre 5 meseci

If I'm understanding correctly, you're interested in a casino software solution that promises a quick setup and special discounts for December. While that sounds tempting, I'd need more information to make an informed decision. Can you provide details on security measures and regulatory compliance? Those factors are essential for any gambling platform.

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pre 5 meseci

I think if you try to type the first two words from the player's post and search for them, you could find out more about it on the internet. I just thought of that as a suggestion. 🙂

pre 5 meseci

We have a Curacao license. Our database is snapshotted every hour. The database is used in a cluster system with 2 replicas and 1 primary. The user's login information is stored in a different database.

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